It all began in 2018, my younger brother had been searching for a K-Pop dance troupe to join, unfortunately, there were none outside of the Cardiff University society which he was too young to join
With my mother's background in musical theatre they both decided to set up Newports first K-Pop dance group. Allowing anyone with an interest in K-Pop from ages 12 and upwards to join.
With the idea to launch in Feb 2019, my mother called in Jan 2019 asking for help to brand the group. We came up with the group name, designed the logos and began creating adverts to promote the group on Instagram.
The Logos
We chose the name Newport K-Pop (NPKP) keeping the name simple and easy to understand as to not confuse anyone while we were starting up.
We then created a secondary logo featuring the Korean characters "Hana Hana" which translates to step by step, in reference to the way in which the dances will be taught.
The secondary logo was designed to be used as much as possible. The idea was to slowly phase out the typographic logo as the brand became more known
Instagram Advertising
To promote the launch in February we hired out the dance studio and filmed my brother and a group of his friends.
We then promoted the video across Instagram targeting K-Pop fans within the area. Membership jumped from 14 to 75 within 48 hours.
The group has since become so successful that they've opened up three classes with plans to open a fourth.
The first promo (Using iPhone footage captured by my brother and his friends)

We remade the main promo with footage to boost membership after the summer holidays. This time I filmed the session with a professional camera.

To celebrate 1 year of Newport K-Pop we reused footage of each of the videos released over the past year to highlight all the work the team had put into the group over the past year.
Check out the Newport K-Pop dances over on their Youtube
To find out more contact the group through their Instagram
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